Wedding Videography FAQ’s

What is Raw Footage? Raw Footage is the unedited footage taken directly from our cameras. It is made up of a few hundred small clips. There is no editing, no color correction and no off-camera audio. These files are pretty large and are usually given on an external hard drive.

What is the Cinematic Highlight Film?
All of the days’ events wrapped into a 30 minute film set to cinematic music documenting your entire day from getting ready, ceremony highlights,  full toasts, and dancing.

What is Cinematic Trailer?
This is a 3-5 minute film tells the story of your day and is perfect for easy sharing with friends and family. Check out this link to see some Cinematic Trailers: http://www.hansenphotoandvideo.com/video/

Do you bring lighting equipment?  Yes. As most wedding venues will adjust lighting to a low setting, we provide one or two off-camera lights that greatly increase the quality of the film.

Do you mic the Groom? Sure do! We use small microphones that attach to the grooms jacket to ensure we capture your vows with pristine audio. We also mic the Officiant to make sure their words are heard clearly in the film.

How do you deliver the product?
You’ll receive your film on a USB flash drive that can be viewed on most TV’s (with a USB connection), computers, or even transfer to tablets and phones.  We also offer standard definition DVD’s.


Photography FAQ’s

So you don’t offer prints?  We don’t offer individual prints, but your package will include high-resolution images (without our logo on it) with printing rights.  This means you can get your photos printed as much as you’d like.  We can suggest some great online printing options!

Can we post these on Facebook?  Sure!  When you receive your USB, you’ll also be getting images specifically designed to upload to Facebook.

What if I want some photos in Black & White?
No problem at all!  You’ll be receiving all of your photos in both color and black & white.






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